After over twenty years working as a CPA, CGA in the community of Delta, what I treasure the most are the people I meet and work with and the relationships I continually build.
Proudly serving Delta for 20 years

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2021 Personal Income Tax Checklist

Dependent Information Form

Vehicle Information Form

Standby Vehicle Form

In the Home Office Expenses Form

Business Checklist Form

Employment Expenses Checklist Form

Employment Expenses: Temporary Flat Rate - $2/day

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Internet Business Activities

Marital Status Change Form RC65

2022 Personal Tax Credits Return TD1

2022 BC Personal Tax Credits Return TD1BC

T2201 Disability Tax Credit Certificate


Here are some links we thought you might find useful:


Canada Revenue Agency
Worksafe BC
BC Ministry of Finance
Employment Standards
Bank of Canada
Department of Finance Canada
Chartered Professional Accountants of British Columbia

Parking Map Ladner Village


Other useful links:

RCMP - information about e-mail fraud and phishing schemes

Non-Resident tax calculator

Canada Revenue Agency - Interest rates per quarter 

Charitable donations - information about the charity before you donate


Employers Guide to Payroll Deductions and Remittances T4001

Employers Guide to Taxable Benefits T4130

Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner

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