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April 2021

This list is not all inclusive and is of a general nature only. Different dates may apply to other situations. In most cases where the date falls on a weekend or a public holiday you have until the next business day to make payment. Please contact the office if you have any questions

The following Reminders for April are important to many businesses;

  • If applicable, GST & PST may be due depending on your reporting dates
  • Corporate tax instalment may be due, if applicable
  • Depending on the corporation type, if there is tax owing, corporations with January or February year end dates should consider making a payment to avoid interest
  • Corporations with October year end dates should file their income tax return to avoid penalties


2nd - Office Closed for Good Friday
3rd - Office Closed for Easter weekend

10th - CRA remittance for certain larger employers (Threshold 1) due
15th - CRA remittance for certain employers (Regular remitters) due
20th - WCB payment and report for quarterly filers may be due due
25th - CRA remittance for certain larger employers (Threshold 1) due
30th - Last day to file Personal tax returns for individuals other than those
          who are self-employed. For all individuals, if you have tax owing for 2020
          payment should be made in order to avoid possible penalties and/or interest.